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Parameter Jerk 2013
For Revit 2013
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Parameter Jerk 2013 is a Revit Addin utility that helps with importing multiple shared parameters into one or more files.


Select from the menu above.


How is this different from Autodesk's Shared Parameters Convert (Revit 2011 Shared Parameters Converter Extension)?

    Revit 2011 Shared Parameters Converter Extension   Parameter Jerk
Apply to current file       Yes
Apply to multiple files   Yes   Yes
Save to different location   Yes    
Auto Skips RFA backup files   Yes    
Warns if modifying backup files       currently broken...future fix
Allows selection of a Shared Parameter File   Yes   possible future improvement
Uses the currently assigned Shared Parameter File       Yes
Saves Configuration (default values for Group Under, Instance or Type, Comments)       Yes (supplemental data file)
Set Parameter to either Instance or Type   Yes   Yes
Set 'Group Parameter Under' value   Yes   Yes
Supports 'Sets' of parameters across multiple fields       Yes

I have not used the extension extensively so feel free to correct me.


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