Revit – Families (bugs/ issues/ requests)

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  1. Linking – It would be nice to be able to link files into families. What I’m thinking here is that in the case of seals a firm would prefer for those seals to not leave the office. If the seal graphic could be linked into the family (title block), then when the rvt file went out of house it wouldn’t contain the seal.
  2. Need versioning (similar to architectural desktop)
  3. It would be helpful to be able to array groups in profiles. For example I might want to have a variable number of reveals added to a wall. Current if you group a set of lines and then array it will only recognize one of the groups.
  4. Paramaterable Fill Patterns – I would like to be able to assign a hatch pattern to a filled region within a family through parameters. eg. for ADA hatching on toilet elevations/ plans.
  5. Edit-In-Place – similar to autocad
  6. Parameters
    1. It would be helpful if a parameter could be view specific. For example. I may want the door panel to be shown as open 90 degrees in plan, closed in elevation and 20 degrees in perspective/ axo.
  7. Visibility
    1. have an option to ‘hide’ in 3d view.
    2. maybe have these options parameterizable (if that’s a word).

    Why does renaming a family trigger a regen of the drawing? This is particularly frustrating on families that are very slow to regen! [2012]Create similar does not work inside edit family when selecting model lines (2011, 2012?, 2013?)

  8. extrusion – can’t do create similar on lines [2012]
  9. stretchable families should be stretchable (via mouse) in 3d views. [2012]
  1. in place families
    1. model names do not show up in the properties palette (for in place families)
    2. need to be able to assign to stair
    3. in-place families need to be able to be copied so that they are the same family. That way one can be edited and all would reflect the change
  2. locking of objects (similar to 3ds max)
  3. sweep – need to be able to reverse path
  4. Wall Sweeps (integral) should respect and respond to wall profiles.
  5. rectangular wall openings should have the option to cut integral (and non integral) wall sweeps
  6. Loadable Families
    1. when loading a family into a project, load into my last active view, not ___
    2. when opening a new family don’t open a bunch of views
    3. expand views by default in families
    4. When returning back to the RVT file after editing a family, go back to the same view I left.
    5. Lights – Need to be able to set elements to not cast shadows to be able to exclude elements from being affected by the light source. This is especially true when just trying to get a quick rendering out.

4 Responses to Revit – Families (bugs/ issues/ requests)

  1. Darren Hindle says:

    created hatch but the program will not let me copy and paste the pattern to the hatch 22 program, it makes a default ping noise, (problem) and will not let me switch between the hatch 22 programme and revit to copy and past as per the you tube instructions i found

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      1) you posted this to the ‘Revit – Families (bugs/ issues/ requests)’ topic. I’d change it, but I haven’t figured out how yet…so it may be confusing to you and others.

      2) The behavior of hatch22 has changed a little since the version shown in that video. You don’t copy and paste the pattern to the program, you preselect the lines you want to use, then run the program. In the old version you could select the lines while the hatch22 dialog was open. Now you have to preselect the lines.

      3) Make sure you have reviewed the instructions outlined here:

      Hope that helps you out.

  2. Veronica says:

    I am trying to download Hatch22 but when I try to open up the Hatch22-2012 zip file it says “the version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running”… what are the system requirements for Hatch22? I have Windows 7…

    Thank you so much!

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      Windows 7 should be fine. It’s what I use.

      1) Are you using some third party zip application to unzip the file?
      2) perhaps delete that download and try a fresh one. Does that help?