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7 Responses to About

  1. Dale Worster says:

    One of our CAD people here at Parsons would like to use Hatch22 for Autodesk Revit. I wasn’t able to find a User Agreement/license for the software and needed to check that this is a free plug-in for commercial companies that will be using it for production purposes. If you could please reply back and verify that we are welcome to use this plug-in, I would appreciate knowing that we are compliant with your terms of use for this application.
    Thanks very much!

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      Hatch22 is indeed “a free plug-in for commercial companies that will be using it for production purposes”.

      Now go and be productive. Make lots of money and beautiful buildings. (oh and consider using mertens3d for your architectural illustrations)


      • Alberto León says:

        Hi Gregory,

        I work for an architecture firm in San Francisco. The company is Revit based. I have several tasks, but probably could consider that they rely on me to better their visualization output.

        I considered two different approaches, one of them using mental ray for photo-realistic rendering, and the other approach bettering their patterns. And that’s how I got to you.
        I have been using your plug in with what I consider good results, taking into account the limitations and conditions. I am wondering if I have your permission to include a full tutorial of your plug in on a book I am preparing. If you want to see samples of where I’ve taken your pattern maker, please let me know where I could send them, you won’t be disappointed and most likely will like the idea of sharing this content. the tricky part is of course that the book, if it is ever published, wouldn’t be for free, and that’s where I need to clarify the terms with you.

        Thanks so much for your time and effort in creating such a useful and badly needed tool.


        • Gregory Mertens says:


          Sure, send me what you a proposing. You can use info@mertens3d.com. You will not be able to include the addin with your book, but a link to my site for purchase and use would be welcome.

  2. we’re trying to use hatch 22. we created a line drawing of the pattern in autocad and tested it there with a rectangular array. we then opened it in Revit, turned on Hatch 22 and created the 4 line types, but we’re having trouble getting to the line types to assign them. Help?

    Brad (818-279-1220 cell)

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      Could be a couple things
      1) are you importing the lines you created in Autocad to Revit? If so, are you exploding the autocad file after import (you will need to).
      2) The routine starts up in revit, correct?
      3) When you say you created the 4 line types, do you mean you selected the button in my routine to create them and it gave you a dialog box saying they had been created? (or are you creating them manually?) The first method is best/ easiest.


  3. AC says:

    Hi Greg,
    I previously left a comment about aligning a hatch. I have solved this… it was because it wasnt a model hatch.

    Crisis averted!

    Great add-in, one of the most useful tools i use.