Hatch22 – 2017

Coming soon 2016.07.05

Still working on it every day – 10/6/2016

Still working on it every day – 01/10/2017

Go Get It! https://gregorymertens.com/tools/revit/hatch22/Store

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17 Responses to Hatch22 – 2017

  1. Tim Colyer says:

    Hi Gregory,

    We have 5 single seats assigned to users in the office. Can you outline the process for reassigning those licenses from one user to another using the licenses portal ?
    Once a license has been bound to a particular user I am unsure of the process involved to be able to remove/ free that license up so it can be bound to someone else ?


    • Gregory Mertens says:

      Licenses are bound to a specific computer and are not floating licenses and are not transferable under normal circumstances.

  2. Keith Rickabaugh says:

    We have just purchased Hatch 22 for Revit 2017. Can you direct me to a current video that explains how to use it. The ones I’ve been watching don’t make sense to me. The hatch is not created. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  3. John King says:

    Hi Gregory,

    It’s been almost a month since my company purchased Hatch22 for Revit 2017 from your website, but we can’t use it because the licence info isn’t in the user’s profile, and after several emails to you, you’re not responding. What’s the deal?

    The account is in my colleague’s name: mih{removed}


    • Gregory Mertens says:


      The license was purchased and is owned by mih…. and you’re right, I don’t see the license there either. Something odd is going on. Please see the email that I’ll send you.

  4. Steve Fong says:

    I have just purchased the license to 2017 for a subdomain. I am having trouble running it. I did bind the license. When I run it, I get an X on the “stage” tab. The following have an X: “distance to origin” “boundary box in view” “Not rotate/Mirrored”.

    None of these are true. There is no distance to origin in a drafting view. It shows 0 next to “boundary box in view” and nothing was rotated.

    Can you assist?

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      It sounds like there is no instance of the boundary box in your drafting view. Can you confirm that it is? Also confirm that you have. It changed the name of either the boundary box family or its type?

      If that doesn’t fix it, please send me a screen shot of your settings tab to info@mertens3d.com

      • Brad Middleton says:

        Thanks Greg, I had the same issue, but found (obviously through copying the boundary box) I had acquired a ’1′ at the end of the family name. Swapped the boundary box family back to the original one and all good!

  5. Tyler Porter says:


    Any update on Hatch22 for 2017? We’d love to purchase a few seats at our office but are hesitant if there are no updates in the works.

    -Tyler Porter

  6. Rudy Beuc says:

    When will hatch22 2017 be ready for purchase? I have a project I nee it for.

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      I’ve been working on it all day but it keeps fighting back. I don’t have a known delivery date. Sorry.

      You don’t have 2016 or 2015 still installed somewhere?

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