Hatch22 – 2016

Coming Soon – 2016.07.05

You can buy the 2016 version here https://gregorymertens.com/tools/revit/hatch22/Store

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9 Responses to Hatch22 – 2016

  1. Kyle Wilson says:

    Purchased hatch-22 2016 and created an account but when I click on the confirmation email it just says “an error has occured”. When I log in using my email and password it recognizes my account but asks to send another confirmation email which in turn leads me to a page that reads “an error has occured”.

  2. Jessie says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I just installed this for one of my colleagues to use, but when we open up the hatch 22 dialogue to create the line-types for the first time the options are greyed out. Can you suggest why this is?

  3. Terry says:

    Where is hatch22 for 2016-2017? Need to update our 25 seats ASAP

  4. Oliver Sanchez says:

    looking for hatch-22

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