Parameter Jerk 2014

Parameter Jerk 2014 is a revit add-in (2014) that allows you to easily import one or multiple shared parameters into a single or multiple files. Use this blog post to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.

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17 Responses to Parameter Jerk 2014

  1. Anthony Gugliotta says:

    If I replace a parameter that already exists will the routine adopt the old value and/or formula?

    Scenario 1:
    I have a length parameter named “Panel Width” which I will be swapping with a shared parameter named “Panel Width”. This paramater has a value of 900mm, will the new paramater also have a value of 900mm?

    Scenario 2:
    I have a Number paramater with a value of “2″ named: “Number of Leafs” which I want to replace with a shared Integer paramater of the same name. Will the new paramater adopt the old value of 2?

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      The routine won’t touch the value of the parameter. The value will be whatever Revit defaults to. Just as if you created the parameter manually. Old parameter values are not restored.

      • Anthony Gugliotta says:

        Perhaps for a future release this can be achieved using the type catalogue functionality? ie) Prior to replacing the old parameters it exports the type catalog, replaces the old parameters with new ones, and then modifies the type catalogue to match the renamed paramaters.

  2. William Rivera says:

    Thanks to share this tool is saved me a lot of time. is there any way to edit the shared parameters file inside the tool. any plans for the 2015 version.

    again thanks for the tool.

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      There is no way to edit the shard parameters file from within parameter jerk.
      I don’t know about a 2015 version yet.

  3. Richard says:

    After I unzipped the file in the ADD INS folder and started Revit I got this message. “cannot run the external application “make ToolBarForParameterJerj2013″. Contact the provider for assistance. Information they provided to Revit about their identity: meryens3d,”

  4. Faranak says:

    Dear Gregory;
    I have installed the Addin Tab but when I click the pj2014 icon in revit I get this message :Error. You have not set a shared parameter file. Please fix before proceeding.
    What should I do?
    your’s sincerely,

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      Please refer to the Revit help file for creating and setting your shared parameters file.

  5. Faranak says:

    Dear Gregory Mertens ;
    Firstly, I am so grateful you answered me,secondly,I have extracted the file in two folders:addins, located in autodesk/revit mep 2014, and also in addins ,located in autodesk revit mep/sda/,but I have not noticed the addin tab in revit, I think it’s maybe because I don’t know how to unblock the dll file,would you be kind enough to tell me how can I do that?
    I appreciate you

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      It appears that you are not putting the files into the correct folder. Please refer to my installation instructions for the correct location.

      Those instructions also show you how to unblock the files. But, I don’t think this is your problem(yet). If it were a problem with unblocked files you would be getting an error message.

  6. Faranak says:

    Dear Gregory Mertens,
    My revit does not have add-in tab!what should I do?

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      Faranak, revit will add the add-in tab automatically when an add-in is correctly installed in one of the two folders.

  7. Bas van Schaik says:

    Dear Sir,

    When i tried installing (extract) your add-in it doesn’t appear in the Revit add-in
    tab (or anywhere else for that matter). I tried installing (extract) it in different Revit folders (and it’s sub-folders) Revit creates when installing.
    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit
    Any solution?
    Note: Revit is installed on a workstation (in case (multi-)user and / or admin rights matter)

    • Gregory Mertens says:


      The dll must be installed in one of the two addin folders I list in the installation instructions. Did you try those?