3ds max – Materials – bugs/ issues/ requests


originally part of http://mertens3d.com/blog/?p=224

  1. material – tile – percent missing(?) – doesn’t seem to make logical sense.
  2. When xrefing a new material in, load the material so that we don’t have to manually reload the xref object (auto reload does not do it)
  3. Fix the slow interface if UNC root is illegal
  4. Tile – 1/2 running bond is 1/3 running bond. running bond is 1/2 running bond. these items are named wrong
  5. When xrefing a material, allow the material to be selected from the list by first character (like a typical dialog). The type in portion does not seem to work at all. It should probably work like a filter (similar to the object selection dialog)
  6. xref material – Can’t paste in a file path to the “File Name:” input.
  7. Often (but not always?) when selecting on a new material slot in the Material Editor, a large scale version of the material will pop up. I don’t want that. It just slows down the interface.
  8. When assigning a new xref material, I shouldn’t have to reload the xref object in order for the material to view correctly…but I do (currently)
  9. Reload Xref Materials (Object) via maxscript – locks up file. This has been going on for several versions now.
  10. What happened to Get Material By Selection?
  11. Falloff – Falloff Type: Distance Blend, Falloff Direction: Viewing Direction (Camera Z-Axis) – doesn’t work in xref materials. It appears that the camera location is replaced by 0,0,0 [2012]
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