3ds maxscript – bugs/ issues/ requests

originally on: http://mertens3d.com/blog/?p=224

  1. xref materials – expose these so that they can be created/ modified.
  2. add a little ‘x’ so script windows can be closed easily
  3. check if script has been updated by another version of max that may be running
  4. allow command panel to be accessed with max so that its position can be changed. This will be useful when using remote desktop and switching from two monitors to one.
  5. Loft needs to be creatable and modifiable in maxscript. 2012, and this still hasn’t been implemented?
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2 Responses to 3ds maxscript – bugs/ issues/ requests

  1. steve says:

    I’m trying to unistall this addin. It has apparently removed my other ram to revit addin in revit 2013. I have tried to reinstall but it wont show up. How do you remove this addin in 2013?

    • Gregory Mertens says:

      I don’t understand your comment about the ram, but to remove hatch22 just delete the ‘hatch22′ files from your addin folder.