V-Ray – bugs/ issues/ requests

These are issues/ problems that I’ve had with Vray whose resolution would improve my workflow (and probably that of others). This is dynamic document and will be added to/ edited over time.

  1. V-Ray Frame Buffer
    1. Add copy image to clipboard
    2. Show Last VFB does not open the frame buffer at the current (or even last) resolution. If it did it would make it easier to render out a region from a newly opened file. Ger resolution from MAX is checked.
    3. A copy selected region to clipboard would be nice too
    4. When changing the render output size, it would be nice if the “region render” option in the vary render buffer would remember it’s relative position. So, if i was rendering the bottom right area of my image at a low res and I changed to a higher res it should still be doing the bottom right corner (not the middle).
    5. Display the rendered frame number on the dialog somewhere (like the max FB)
  2. V-Ray messages dialog
    1. add the ability to bring it onto the screen when located off screen. This happens when going from an office environment (multiple monitors) to remote destop (single monitor). Maybe a button on the Vray Frame Buffer. [note: one way to get this is to use windows cascade windows]
    2. calculate and show the render server name rather than just the IP in cases like “warning: Could not connect to host: 192.xxx. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”
  3. Add some kind of dialog that indicates the performance of the render slaves. Which are currently rendering. Relative render speed. Which are unavailable. Etc. similar to what happens at the beginning of the render process but more dynamic, graphical and always available. Maybe a drop down in the V-Ray messages dialog box.
  4. Scene Xrefs
    1. Gets confused when xrefs are loaded after the file is loaded. checkerboard rendering
    2. Bug when rendering animations with both xref scenes and RPC’s
    3. Bug – render a scene with xref scenes, then add additional xref scenes. On re-render the DR nodes do not render correctly and seem to be unaware of the newly added xref scenes. The whole max file has to be reloaded before it will render correctly.
    4. Bug – When rendering a scene with xref scenes. If xref scenes are set to automatic update and the file is updated while rendering (might have to be DR), max will crash.
  5. Vray mesh export – default to current folder or have a button to take you to the same folder as the mesh is currently in.
  6. Vray RT – doesn’t work very well with xrefed scenes. It re-renders the entire scene if an xref mesh or xref material is changed.
  7. V-Ray distributed render settings dialog
    1. add a check/ uncheck all button


    1. expose it to google and such so that result show up in google searches

    VRay mesh export

    1. The Browse folder Folder and Browse File should be combined to be consistent with typical windows interfaces
    2. default to the current file location
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