Revit Wish List

  • Hot Key Options needed for
  1. Editing – Split Line – Toggle on and off remove inner segment
  2. Switching Windows (actually what would be best would be the ability to set views that could be recalled from hotkeys. For example: Say I want to easily be able to go to Floor 01, then make the ability to hot key that view…make sense?…this may need to be an api issue)
  • Detail Keys
    1. Double Click – Go to  View should work even when there is no detail number yet
    2. hot key for go to view
  • Clipboard
    • When copy/pasting mullions (and such) between files, prompt if the existing name should be overwritten or name the new one to xxxx 2 (as it currently does)
  • API
    • Expose import detail as group
    • ActiveView – Set Method – it’d be nice to be able to write custom routines (such as restoring preferred views)
  • Mullions – need ones that know which way to flip when in frames…or a check box to flip. This instead of making new types for top and bottom.
  • Families
    • Option to open/edit the file as opposed to opening the currently loaded version
    • Option to hide backup family files (the .001, .002, etc. files)
  • Maybes
  1. Mirror parameter
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