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SQL Server 2008

I have a great client whom (do I use whom here?)…anyway…whom I wrote an app for several years ago. This app interacted with the databases of their accounting program and allowed them to schedule and project out their projects (manpower…and … Continue reading

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SEO – crawl errors

This is a test to see if can get certain engines to recrawl some of my pages…since thy are being indexed incorrectly. The deal here is that this certain search engine seems to take a while … Continue reading

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Maxscript – Duplicate Bound Xref Scene

This is a quick script I generated in response to a forum question. ——- – get the selected dummy sel_parent = selection[1] –get all the xrefs in the scene xref_max_index = xrefs.getXRefFileCount() – loop through each one and look at it’s … Continue reading

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search maxscript code files

I was trying to find a bit of code in all of my maxscript files (*.ms) and tried windows search. That didn’t work ’cause windows doesn’t recognize them as simple text files. I did a little searching on the googleweb … Continue reading

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