Hatch22 – 2017

Coming soon 2016.07.05

Still working on it every day – 10/6/2016

Still working on it every day – 01/10/2017

Go Get It! https://gregorymertens.com/tools/revit/hatch22/Store

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Hatch22 – 2016

Coming Soon – 2016.07.05

You can buy the 2016 version here https://gregorymertens.com/tools/revit/hatch22/Store

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hatch22-2015 (v.0812.14.a) has been released.

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Parameter Jerk 2014

Parameter Jerk 2014 is a revit add-in (2014) that allows you to easily import one or multiple shared parameters into a single or multiple files. Use this blog post to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.

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3ds max – Materials – bugs/ issues/ requests


originally part of http://mertens3d.com/blog/?p=224

  1. material – tile – percent missing(?) – doesn’t seem to make logical sense.
  2. When xrefing a new material in, load the material so that we don’t have to manually reload the xref object (auto reload does not do it)
  3. Fix the slow interface if UNC root is illegal
  4. Tile – 1/2 running bond is 1/3 running bond. running bond is 1/2 running bond. these items are named wrong
  5. When xrefing a material, allow the material to be selected from the list by first character (like a typical dialog). The type in portion does not seem to work at all. It should probably work like a filter (similar to the object selection dialog)
  6. xref material – Can’t paste in a file path to the “File Name:” input.
  7. Often (but not always?) when selecting on a new material slot in the Material Editor, a large scale version of the material will pop up. I don’t want that. It just slows down the interface.
  8. When assigning a new xref material, I shouldn’t have to reload the xref object in order for the material to view correctly…but I do (currently)
  9. Reload Xref Materials (Object) via maxscript – locks up file. This has been going on for several versions now.
  10. What happened to Get Material By Selection?
  11. Falloff – Falloff Type: Distance Blend, Falloff Direction: Viewing Direction (Camera Z-Axis) – doesn’t work in xref materials. It appears that the camera location is replaced by 0,0,0 [2012]
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Parameter Jerk 2013

Parameter Jerk 2013 is a revit add-in (2013) that allows you to easily import one or multiple shared parameters into a single or multiple files. Use this blog post to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions.

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3ds maxscript – bugs/ issues/ requests

originally on: http://mertens3d.com/blog/?p=224

  1. xref materials – expose these so that they can be created/ modified.
  2. add a little ‘x’ so script windows can be closed easily
  3. check if script has been updated by another version of max that may be running
  4. allow command panel to be accessed with max so that its position can be changed. This will be useful when using remote desktop and switching from two monitors to one.
  5. Loft needs to be creatable and modifiable in maxscript. 2012, and this still hasn’t been implemented?
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Netflix – Bugs/ Issues/ Requests

  • Stop showing me movies that I’ve already rated. They waste my time. Show some consideration for your customers. If I’ve rated it, assume I’ve seen it.
  • Work with the movie producers to get the DVD extras. I would really like to watch some of those, but am not willing to pay to buy.
  • Remember if I want to view in a sortable list or Gallery View.
    • Also, remember what column I am sorting on in the list view.

Silverlight Installation Problem Error Code: 2104

Netflix, please fix your bug! This has been going on for years now. I have reinstalled several times.

It happens when:

1) I start viewing a movie in my browser.

2) I rip the tap out so that I can maximize it on my other monitor (tv)

3) I close it (after finishing the movie)

4) I then try to watch another movie in the original browser window.

Sometimes a ctrl+f5 will fix it, but most of the time I have to completely shut down all instances of my browser and restart. This can be a pain since I have multiple tabs open at the time.

I’m using firefox.


Silverlight Installation Problem
Error Code: 2104

You have encountered an issue specific to Microsoft Silverlight, the software used to watch movies on the Netflix website. This issue is often resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.

To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Windows computer, please follow these steps:

Close any currently open internet browser windows
Click on the Start button.
Select Control Panel.
In Windows XP, select Add or Remove Programs. In Windows Vista/Windows 7, select Programs & Features.
Locate and click on Microsoft Silverlight
Choose Remove in Windows XP or Uninstall in Windows Vista/Windows 7.

After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on www.netflix.com will prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight

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Revit – bugs/ issues/ requests

These are issues/ problems that I’ve had with Revit whose resolution would improve my workflow (and probably that of others). This is dynamic document and will be added to/ edited over time.

All comments were generated from using 2012

  1. Type Properties
    1. Needs to be stretchable
  2. Profiles
    1. from the project browser, double picking selecting the same family type twice in a row brings up a blank Instance Properties dialog the second time. You have to select a double click different type, cancel that then go back to the one you want to change. (at least on profiles)
    2. Shared Detail components in window frame profile families do not show up. (2011, 2012?, 2013?)
    3. It would be nice to be able to ‘flip’ a profile in window mullions. (2011, 2012?, 2013?)
    4. It would be nice to be able to place detail components in 3d families (2011, 2012?, 2013?)
    5. add a button to ‘edit profile’ when in mullion properties
  3. 3point align (similar to AutoCAD)
  4. MultiThreading – Pretty much all production staff have multicore CPU’s. Please write the code to take advantage of this.
  5. It would be nice to be able to talk to Autodesk directly about issues we have
  6. Filled Regions
    1. add the ability to tab through to objects behind a filled region that is set to transparent.
  7. It’d be nice to be able to select an objects working plane directly from the Properties Palette
  8. Hot Keys/Short Cut (need to be able to assign)
    1. Lock Hot Key – Right after aligning an object it’d be helpful if a hot key would lock the alignment (rather than having to pick the lock icon).
    2. Viewport scale
    3. Everything should be accessible from a shortcut
    4. Edit Type
    5. Go to view
    6. View Range (maybe not so important)
    7. select mullions on gridline (2011, 2012?, 2013?)
    8. the keyboard shortcuts dialog should be filterable so that we can see just the commands that have shortcuts applied. Then we can sort ascending or descending.
  9. Stop asking me if I want my walls to go to the floor bottom…I don’t..it’d be great if you could remember that.
  10. voids need to be easier to select when editing in a family
    1. hotkeys should be assignable to designated views. This would be helpful in the model (user settings) and in families. For example, in families it’d be helpful to select ‘ff’ to go to the front view.
    2. View Templates – Should be ‘hot’ so that if a default view template has been applied to a view and the view template definition changes, then the view should automatically update accordingly.
    3. zoom to selected objects
    4. don’t zoom out to extents when the view scale is changed (2011, 2012?, 2013?)
  12. need family types (such as roof) in loadable families so that generic models and be assigned to roof and be controlled with categories
  13. Families – General

    1. This information has been moved to here: http://mertens3d.com/blog/?page_id=448
  14. wall sweeps
    1. reset built in wall sweeps
    2. hide-able built in wall sweeps
    3. fix bug that causes a crash when assigning built in wall sweeps. It looks like it’s happening when the profile is illegal (has overlapping lines).
    4. make it easier to get to some commands like built in wall sweeps. Make the sweeps so you don’t have to be in section to pic…or default to section…or remember last.
    5. add the copy and paste wall sweeps/reveals between wall definitions
  15. Railings
    1. You should be able to tab through to get the the nested baluster families (to select edit family)
    2. Balusters should be in their own subgroup…not mixed in with railing families
  16. Some commands take too many keystrokes to get to. Such as:
  17. Materials
    1. Merge /Collapse Materials – This may be possible with the API
    2. Why does it take so long to rename a material? Renaming!
    3. Why does it take so long to update a material? (fyi, it’s only using 1 core)
    4. opening materials (selecting) takes way too long in 2013
  18. Put backup revit files (.001, .002, etc.) is a subfolder or do something so that they don’t clutter up the dialogs.
  19. You shouldn’t have to put an equals sign “=” in front on a formula. Infer it from the fact that users puts in a = or -. Hmmm…maybe that won’t work for a minus.
  20. Assign materials all the way through a wall so that when it is linked into Max all six sides have the correct material assignment. Additionally do this when the wall has a cut.
  21. Align hatch patterns by default. (brick is not when looked at in 3d with a hole in the wall)
  22. FBX
    1. FBX’s take way too long to create and are way too big. Maybe create a ‘lite’ version of FBX that doesn’t have all the bitmaps and such. All I need is to get the material assignments and UVW’s from the geometry in Revit to Max.
    2. Remember my choice (automatic – short, automatic – long, etc.) from session to session
  23. Edit Assembly Dialog – it’s too small. Allow it to be stretched. Remember the last width.
  24. Ceilings
    1. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to go into edit boundary to modify the offset at tail property
  25. Project Browser
    1. There needs to be quick ways to collapse/expand all.
    2. it’d be helpful to be able to filter the families section
    3. Remember scroll when switching between files. Currently it goes back to the top of the list when returning from editing a family. This is a pain when you’ve spent time drilling down to find your family in a long list.
    4. Export to Autocad
    5. visibilty bug – a generic annotation family placed inside of a 3d family will display correctly in Revit, but will not show when exported to Autocad in hidden line mode. It does show up in autocad when exported in wireframe. Verified in 2011 and 2012
  26. Workshare Enabled Files
    1. It would be nice if double clicking on a central file from windows file manager, would automatically create a local file. If the user wanted to open the central file directly make them have to check a check box in the file open dialog.
    2. The ‘Synchronize with Central’ setting dialog needs to be sizable.  I can’t read the whole path in the “Central File Location:” . This happens when in the central file because the path edit text area is disabled(2011, 2012?, 2013?)

    Callouts (Floor Plan)

    1. Need to be able to have multiple ‘Floor Plan’ view types. I.E. one that says ‘SIM.’, one that says ‘SIM. O.H.”, etc. (2011 ?, 2012,  2013 changed but not as needed ) – this can be done in revit structure, but not revit architecture. Suggested solution: Have the reference label be an instance parameter.


    1. Would probably be more useful, and easier for users to understand if instead of choosing a level as an underlay instead you choose a specific view as the underlay.


    1. Provide feedback on what happened during an audit. Were any problems found? What were they? Were they fixed? What was the element id? etc. (2012)

    Add-in Manager

    1. apparently if you have at least one file in your add-in folder that does not have security set to full control, the add-in manager will not function correctly…or something like this. Still trying to nail it down. (2012)


    1. It would be nice to be able to open multiple properties dialogs so that we can easily compare objects to each other.
  27. Roofs
    1. Why don’t roof points snap?
  28. Walls
    1. Sweeps
      1. category should be hid-able. All categories should be able to be hidden via VG

      Curtain Walls

      1. When tabbing through the mullion types (in type properties) highlight the current value so that we can just paste a value in from the clipboard. [2012]


    2. Should be able to link, update and re-path images. Treat them like AutoCAD does. Also like Revit’s linked Revit/ cad files. …as external resources.
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V-Ray – bugs/ issues/ requests

These are issues/ problems that I’ve had with Vray whose resolution would improve my workflow (and probably that of others). This is dynamic document and will be added to/ edited over time.

  1. V-Ray Frame Buffer
    1. Add copy image to clipboard
    2. Show Last VFB does not open the frame buffer at the current (or even last) resolution. If it did it would make it easier to render out a region from a newly opened file. Ger resolution from MAX is checked.
    3. A copy selected region to clipboard would be nice too
    4. When changing the render output size, it would be nice if the “region render” option in the vary render buffer would remember it’s relative position. So, if i was rendering the bottom right area of my image at a low res and I changed to a higher res it should still be doing the bottom right corner (not the middle).
    5. Display the rendered frame number on the dialog somewhere (like the max FB)
  2. V-Ray messages dialog
    1. add the ability to bring it onto the screen when located off screen. This happens when going from an office environment (multiple monitors) to remote destop (single monitor). Maybe a button on the Vray Frame Buffer. [note: one way to get this is to use windows cascade windows]
    2. calculate and show the render server name rather than just the IP in cases like “warning: Could not connect to host: 192.xxx. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”
  3. Add some kind of dialog that indicates the performance of the render slaves. Which are currently rendering. Relative render speed. Which are unavailable. Etc. similar to what happens at the beginning of the render process but more dynamic, graphical and always available. Maybe a drop down in the V-Ray messages dialog box.
  4. Scene Xrefs
    1. Gets confused when xrefs are loaded after the file is loaded. checkerboard rendering
    2. Bug when rendering animations with both xref scenes and RPC’s
    3. Bug – render a scene with xref scenes, then add additional xref scenes. On re-render the DR nodes do not render correctly and seem to be unaware of the newly added xref scenes. The whole max file has to be reloaded before it will render correctly.
    4. Bug – When rendering a scene with xref scenes. If xref scenes are set to automatic update and the file is updated while rendering (might have to be DR), max will crash.
  5. Vray mesh export – default to current folder or have a button to take you to the same folder as the mesh is currently in.
  6. Vray RT – doesn’t work very well with xrefed scenes. It re-renders the entire scene if an xref mesh or xref material is changed.
  7. V-Ray distributed render settings dialog
    1. add a check/ uncheck all button


    1. expose it to google and such so that result show up in google searches

    VRay mesh export

    1. The Browse folder Folder and Browse File should be combined to be consistent with typical windows interfaces
    2. default to the current file location
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